Z Palette


Here is something I really love. My Z Palette. Sorry it’s so dirty, but this one is about two years old and gets a hard workout. I de-potted my Urban Decay Naked 1 , Urban Decay Smoked, and some Revlon Singles I had in my makeup drawer. DSC_0038

Yep, its scratched, dented, dirty (I really should have cleaned it first, you don’t mind do you?) and generally busted.

It is still holding its shape, the magnets are still strong as hell. I haven’t had a shadow fall out yet, and I have dropped her on the floor =O


I suppose if I used this on jobs, It might be in better shape. ^^ This is what happens to real peoples Z Palettes when they go in the makeup drawer.  Not pretty anymore but functional.

(man I really need to clean that thing)  >:)


Maybe I am lazy, but I like not having to open 14 palettes.  When I run out of colors in these Urban Decay palettes I will go buy a single and shove it in here.  I love this thing.  If you don’t have one, get one! It’s worth it. All those drugstore quads….. screw that. Put them in some of these!

11 thoughts on “Z Palette

  1. i just got my first one from IMATS. It’s a small one and now I am regretting not getting a bigger one too! I got it cause MAC were only selling refills over there, so it was a great solution.

    Great post!


    1. I got the large one and its not even full yet. I don’t buy many single shadows. I want to get some of the small square ones for travel.

      1. i dont either, but i depotted some today and it is actually very practical and it will provide me with some space by getting rid of a number of small quads!

      1. No its really not… I wasn’t sure when I bought it but depotting is not hard and the packaging on some palettes is just overkill. I pull mine out everyday to use my UD stuff!

      2. yeah definitely and its really nice to have your own custom palette were you can mix and match the shadows you want! do you have to buy your own depotting tins?

      3. No, all eye shadow is in a metal pan, and then inside its packaging. You take them out pan and all. Some are harder than others but there are a ton of videos about depotting on YouTube!

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