Rainy Day Purple Makeup


It is raining its ass off right now and has been all day! My boys took a trip to get fireworks for the 4th, which left me alone to do a look!

I went with a loud purple and pink….. whatever you want to call this. Any Ideas?


I noticed when I cropped the picture up and to the right, that the two of my fingers together looked awesome, and next time I do my nails I need to do orange tipped in green! >:)

I was thinking about what to put on my lips too! Being an ex smoker, lip colors are not my thing yet. I went with nude as I usually do, I tried a magenta with some purple glittery gloss on top but I didn’t like it on me, as the picture shows!

… I’m off to cook breakfast for dinner, looking just like this!



7 thoughts on “Rainy Day Purple Makeup

  1. I love this eye look! Very different 🙂 Oh my goodness, I LOVE breakfast for dinner! so good haha.

    1. Thank you! 😀
      We do it because we have chickens, and we end up with a ton of eggs and we have to make something… LOL Fried Eggs will always do!

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