Starling Jewels on Etsy!! **Updated**


Well Goldiestarling, an amazing artist on YouTube has started a jewelry line on Etsy!

Starling Jewels ( <– click to go to her Etsy Site)  has rings and necklaces based on her own work available for purchase!

Starling Jewels

I ordered the Skull Octopus 19mm x 37mm Oval ring. I received my order faster than I thought I would, as these are hand made items you should allow for longer processing times.  The packaging was neat and clean.

Inside my package was 2 boxes, a business card and a thank you. She was so kind as to include a “Oh My” gift with my order! Thank you Angie!!!!

Starling Jewels

The rings are adjustable from 8-10 1/2. They can be made smaller by overlapping the bands.

I love my rings. The quality is awesome, and I will be purchasing more from this shop.

Support your YouTube Guru today!

UPDATE:  I got my Galaxy necklace today and the EYE love you ring.

The necklace is about the size of a quarter and GORGEOUS!  I wasn’t sure about the eye ring, but I really really love it.  I am now a proud owner of a ” Collection” of Starling Jewels!

Starling Jewels1


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