Grass Green Nail with Marble Accent!


I was reading So Many Lovely Things (<– Click to see her post) the other day, and happened upon her post about an easier technique for marbled nail polish. I’ve tried the water marble, but it was a mess and a ton of work!!! Once I saw this I knew I had to give it a go on my next nail polish change, and I did!

No stupid water, no drop after drop after drop….. Blech…

I also went with green, but mostly because it is my favorite color and I have a lot of green polish to choose from! 🙂

I found her technique super easy. I only did my ring finger nails as an accent but I will be doing a whole set eventually, since it turned out so well. I didn’t get a lot of the white polish in mine,  so its not super noticeable, and please excuse my busted cuticles. So much 4th planning going on here, I just changed polish. No trimming, nothing just a polish change! : /

Green marble

Polish Used:

China Glaze: In The Lime Light (Neon) as main polish +  Celtic Sun (Neon)

Wet and Wild: Smooch * This one is super old, so I’m not sure you can get it anymore*

Icing:  Money Tree

Seche Vite Top Coat

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