Sephora Grand Opening Haul * Huge Post*


I finally got a FULL SIZE Sephora close to me! WOOOOT!

So I made my husband take me on grand opening morning because my birthday is this month. >:) We got to the mall maybe 10 minutes before opening to find a horde of people, which I didn’t expect. So I went and had some face framing bangs cut and listened to the screaming as they opened and handed out mystery amount gift cards. I finally got over there a half hour after they opened to still find a ton of people in there…….. more on the “People Of Grand Opening Sephora” at the bottom of the post!!

sephora haulI got a free tote with my stuff, I was not impressed. It was just a cheap bag with the logo on it.

sephora haul2I got myself a Illamasqua nail varnish in Creator. I have a rubber varnish from them that is really good quality, so I wanted to try a regular formula polish! A full size Make Up For Ever HD Powder. I had the travel/sample size and it lasted me almost 2 years… damn. I love this powder. It feels like silk when you put it on and a little goes a long long way. I have dry skin so I don’t powder much.

A new Benefit Boi-ing concealer, since mine is just about dead.  Really good concealer, doesn’t settle in my fine lines, at least not enough for me to notice at the end of the day.

sephora Haul 3I have been wanting the new Moondust Urban Decay shadows since they came out. I got Space Cowboy (a gold-nude) and Moonspoon (a gray/silver). These are subtle colors with more glitter impact. They claim to have minimal fallout, I don’t use Sidecar out of the Naked 1 for the fallout…. I did dab a bit on when I got home, and none of that glittery fly away happened ( you know, when it fly’s around your head after the first dab) and I didn’t see any fallout. I was careful to not swipe though. Better review to come later!

Sephora haul 4I got a Champagne Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes pencil. I needed an eyeliner to brighten up my waterline, but that would stay for more than 5 minutes when my eyes water. I have very wet eyeballs! 🙂 I threw some on when I got home, and its creamy, glides on without tugging. Better review to come!

sephora haul 5

Got the hubby a new cologne, Gucci Guilty. We smelled this in an ad a week or so back. So I grabbed him the 1 oz travel size to see if it was his kind of scent.  (A burst of zesty lemon, cool lavender, and spicy pink pepper. The subtle heart notes then reinforce the fragrance’s clean freshness, creating a bridge to the sensual and provocative woodiness in the base. As it dries down, the scent focuses the hallmark of all Gucci fragrances, patchouli, and mingles alluringly with cedar, sandalwood, and amber.)

sephora haul 6It is also close to my birthday and I had 500 points so, I got both of those today too.  I got a sample pack from Benefit, with Watts Up Highlighter and They’re Real mascara. Both things I have been wanting to try, so I’m super excited about that.

With my points I got the Sephora Summer Lovin Set. I don’t self tan, but I guess I can try this one..maybe on the places my bathing suit covers. It came with a Sephora Outrageous Volume mascara, which when I opened I thought I broke. The wand is scary, the tube is scary. I haven’t tried it yet, and I don’t really want to. It also came with a moisturizer and a pink lip gloss.

sephora haul 7

….. and here I am with a few of those things on. A little of the Space Cowboy Moondust shadow, with the MUFE eyeliner, and the pink gloss.

For those of you who actually read this whole thing, and are now down here for the “People of Sephora” thing.


12 year old girls standing in front of a case of $20 a pop eyeliner swatching every single one. ” Get your ass out of my way before I smack your mother”

A grown ass woman standing in an aisle with the SAMPLE eye-shadow palette in her hand, putting it on her face! ” I know this store is brand freaking new, but seriously… that’s just nasty!”

The place was just a mad house, and I should have known better to go then but I did. Sadly, during all of this horrible crap I forgot to buy some damn brush cleaner! I will be ordering that online!!!

Thank you for reading! ❤

12 thoughts on “Sephora Grand Opening Haul * Huge Post*

  1. LMFAO OMG!!! I can totally tell you are a no bullshit type person and I love it. Yes, do not get me started on the people who try on everything and anything (even the boxed items) and don’t buy a thing. Love those urban decay shadows and that makeup forever HD powder is so wonderful. I saw those nail varnishes today at the Sephora here on clearance for $4 are they good?

    1. Aww.. Thank you. I figure if people don’t like it, they wont read my posts anymore. No need for me to pretend to be something I’m not. The people in that store today should have been ashamed of themselves, whooo….

      I have an Illamasqua Rubber finish polish, and I love it. It almost didn’t need it’s second coat. It was thick, but not gross. I don’t usually buy expensive nail polish but I really like these!! If they are on clearance I would grab those up!

      1. You only hurt yourself when you pretend to be who you are not.
        Okay, I will go buy a few. They seemed interesting but I try to refrain myself from impulse buying. LOL

  2. I read the People bit first…no amount of gift cards or goodies can compensate for that experience. I hate “clingy crowds” with a passion – the kind that won’t move and will hog everything. Love your haul, though, especially the Illamasqua polish and the UD shadow x

  3. Love it, especially the people bit, I seem to encounter the young orange faced type that acts like she can do no wrong in her tiny tiny shorts hahahaha.

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