Fun Sunday Makeup Look Chosen By My Son


While working through some looks, my son popped his head in the room to make sure I was still alive. I asked him what I should do next, he chose a traffic light for inspiration.

Signal Light

Of course he would. So I did it, he loved it. He was concerned that the colors were not in order, to which I explained that I had to try and make it look good.  Maybe he wanted me to paint my face up like an actual traffic light, who knows.

This is what happened. Apologies for the nauseating blur I applied to the picture. I didn’t want some pervert running off with a picture of my son. When I explained that to my son, he was concerned that someone might start a website called and that THEY would steal this picture of him….. lol!!

Traffic lightIn the last picture he was pretending to eat my face! Good times..This post was read and approved by my son!

I used my Bh Cosmetics 120 1st edition over my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk to create this look.


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