My Husband Does My Makeup


He did a good job too! >:)


He was sure to try and find the best color match for my base. He liked the MAC tinted moisturizer more than the Almay ABCDEFG cream. Even thought the MAC one was a little to light in the end!! He was also unhappy because almost every face product I have doesn’t clearly say what it is, or have directions. He did find one informative “How to” diagram on the green face primer, and was very excited!
“None of this stuff has directions”
He took his time on my eyes, looking through everything before hand. He went safe with a little bit of glitter eyeshadow and some purple liner on my top lid. He didn’t want to do mascara, but I made him…. and he didn’t even poke me in the eye! He also knew just to fill in holes in my brows.
“I know how to do Vulcan brows!”
Once he corrected the horribly drawn bottom lip line, it was alright! As you can see, he really liked the NYX Gloss.
“This stuff tastes good”
I think he did a pretty solid job actually…. not good enough that I would leave the house in it, but I also haven’t washed it off my face yet.
My son was and I quote ” Speechless, it is really good” then I told him his father did it and he looked confused, but still insisted it was good. =O

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THats what he said

16 thoughts on “My Husband Does My Makeup

  1. Dang, woman… You put the pictures up out of sequence. Everyone should know that I put the eye makeup on BEFORE I did the foundation so no purple or black bits would need to be cleaned up! Oh, and that Lip Gloss was awesome!

  2. Even your husband has the glitter-fever hahhahah He did a very good job! Too bad I have no pictures of what mine did… was awful 😀 I think now it’s your time to return him the favor and do his makeup, he seems to have great skin and perfect cheekbones to put some blush on hhahahha

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