Chanel SOLEIL DE TAN Price Point Breakdown

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Alright, I just got done watching yet another YouTube video that had Soleil De Tan in it, and with a disclaimer that is was expensive. I didn’t look for one, but I am sure there was a comment or two about using Chanel. Blah Blah.  I don’t own this bronzer YET, but before you run off to Sephora, or MAC to buy a new bronzer check out these numbers.

SOLEIL DE TAN: $48.00 for 30 grams (1.06 oz)

MAC Bronzing Powder: $25.00 for 10 grams (0.35 oz)

NARS Laguna: $36.00 for 7.9 grams (0.28 oz)
(Laguna has gone up $2 since I first wrote this post)

Benefit Hoola: $28.00 for 7.9 grams (0.28 oz)

In my makeup stash right now, I have a Benefit Hoola and MAC Give Me Sun. I bought them both more than a year ago, and within a month of each other I’m sure.  I don’t care for the MAC one much, and I have hit pan on Hoola.

Makeup, when treated well can last a really long time. You can even buy Beauty So Clean to spray on powder cosmetics to sanitize them! IF they start to smell funny, or look strange it’s time to throw them away. Neither of my two bronzers have any of the “throw it away” signs.

So next time you go to get a new bronzer, think of this post!

I have not looked at the prices and sizes of the rest of the Chanel Products, but I see Soleil De Tan more often than I see anything else and I have wanted to try it and assumed it was expensive. It is expensive, but it is also a TON of product!

I hope this was helpful to some of you, life is short… try the Chanel Bronzer! It will be my next buy!!!

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4 thoughts on “Chanel SOLEIL DE TAN Price Point Breakdown

    1. LOL… yeah I figured you probably were not going to put bronzer on your lips… Lipgloss/bronzer?!?! LOL

      I have wanted the Chanel bronzer for a while, but I just thought like everyone else that it was expensive, so I thought I would break it down. Its not really expensive, its just huge!

      I suppose if you hate it once you buy it, that could be a problem.. but you could go get a sample.. or try it on at a counter!

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