Massive, Humongous, Enormous e.l.f Haul.


I found out at the last minute that ELF was running a 50% off sale on their website. Which could not be passed up, it just was not possible. Not when almost everything I got was $1.50.

I took this amazing opportunity to stock up on disposables, blushes, bronzers, and just general stuff I don’t have.

e.l.f 6-18-2013 haul

I picked up some of their Studio brushes, some I have heard good things about, and some I wanted to try. Also giving their daily brush cleaner a day in court, I have been using the Sephora one.

I am super excited to try the Lip Exfoliater, I keep hearing about it, and I need something like that.  I’m sure its cheaper to just use your toothbrush, but it was 50% off. 😛

I was not impressed at the shipping, 8 days to get from Jersey to N.C. I was however impressed with the fact that they processed and shipped my order out in two days during a 50% off sale, and did not miss a single item.

Everything on my packing slip was $1.50 with the exception of multiples, like lip-gloss wands and false lashes!

Full reviews coming as I get around to using these things more!


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