Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana Nails….


….Because I freaking hate bananas! **shudder and gag**
I FINALLY CHANGED MY NAIL POLISH! I really didn’t want to, but I broke a nail trying to get a lash glue out, which really pissed me off because the glue was crap! The nail polish I had one just would not chip! I had it on for like 3 weeks or something.
So Kudos to the Illamasqua Creator Varnish <– click for my post on that!

Here are a few information bites on the color orange!
Stimulates activity
Stimulates appetite
Encourages socialization
Orange is one of those colors that really stands out, even at a distance. It seems to shout, “Hey, look at me!”
“Orange is the happiest color.” — Frank Sinatra

orange glitter (2)
I used China Glaze Orange Knockout (Neon) as a base, topped with Hard Candy Pinch of Spice (Itzy Glitz), and a ring finger accent with Hard Candy Fire Flash (Glitteratzi)
The China Glaze polish is very very very sheer and really needs 3 coats or more, unless you are going to use something else on top. Which I did! (still needed a 3rd base coat though)The Hard Candy glitter polish is some seriously large pieces of glitter. When I wiped off the brush I could feel the pieces on the side of the bottle, There are some red-ish round chunks in it too that I didn’t know were in there when I bought it!
Orange Glitter

I love bright annoying ass nail polish colors, but I think I am ready for dark purples and stuff. I’m totally over summer! 😛

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