Cherry Dr. Pepper Nails

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Well I went 3 weeks with an Illamasqua manicure, then changed it and had it split and peel in 2 days.

I got a red polish at Target a while back named “Got The Blues For Red”. It is a DEEP blue red.. so it is the color of a Dr. Pepper can! (It’s also blood red, but come on people its not October yet LOL)  I loved the formula, I almost didn’t need the second coat. Just thick enough!
dr pepper OPI

This is my first O.P.I polish, but for me the formula and dry time don’t make up for the lack of control I have with the “Pro” brush.  I guess it makes it faster to paint someone elses nails? All it did for me painting my own was piss me off, I had no control at all. I can usually paint all 10 of my nails without coloring outside the lines. I made the biggest mess with this crap.
I tipped the O.P.I polish with a Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Cha-Ching a true red glitter polish with larger chunks of silver glitter.
Which also had the flat wide stupid freaking brush. I was just running it across my tips so it didn’t bother me quite as much!

2 thoughts on “Cherry Dr. Pepper Nails

  1. Indeed. I read quite a few posts where the brush was the best part! I need to keep a spare brush to use with an O.P.I I buy from now on!
    Thanks for reading!

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