Favorites: July 2013

Reviews, Series

Hooray for my first monthly favorites post!!
* Yes, most of these pictures are recycled from their own posts, or from posts I haven’t posted yet! *

No 7 Beautiful Brows in Brown
Eyebrow Boots
I loved it from the first time I used it and I still do. (even if it did break when I opened it) I went from doing my brows sometimes, to picking this up and doing my brows every single day!

Makeup Forever Waterproof Eyeliner in Champagne
Sephora haul 4
Love love love… lasts forever on my waterline and I have really watery eyeballs. I wear this almost every single day. I am a blue eyed human, so unless I am wearing black in my waterline, this is it. Makes me look bright eyed and bushy-tailed (not sure what eyeliner has to do with my tail but…) LOVE!

EOS Lip Balm in Pomegranate
EOSMy husband love these and I wasn’t really into them. The shape was weird for me but all of a sudden lately, I am really into his pomegranate one.

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadows
sephora Haul 3
SO nice to be able to add some glitter to a look without having to pull out actual glitter! I have been putting Space Cowboy over most of my looks since I got it.

Almay CC Cream
I don’t buy the hype of what the creams are supposed to do, I love this because its’s the light coverage I need, lays on my skin well, and the color match is really good for me! No other reasons are needed, right?

Illamasqua Creator Nail Varnish
Illamasqua Creator
Of all the nail polishes I had on in July, this one was the best….. because I wore it for 3 weeks. I couldn’t make this varnish chip. I had Seche Vite Top Coat on top of it. Usually with that top coast it peels off, and my polish chips, but I want to say that is probably the cheaper nail polishes under it. The illamasqua polish DID NOT CHIP, the top coat DID NOT peel! The very tips did wear off and it did grow out, but even still. I didn’t have to change my polish until I broke a nail, which finally chipped the polish!

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