Body Shop Haul


I finally remembered to go into The Body Shop! I usually forget to stop in when I’m up at the mall.
Body Sshop
I’m trying out 3 of the Mini Body Butters. I went with Chocomania, Strawberry and Satsuma (Clementine). I do like that the stuff in this store doesn’t stink of what it’s scent is supposed to be, but sad because I wish some things smelled more like they should. I wanted the Sweet Lemon Butter, but it smelled nothing like Lemon to me, but the Strawberry one smelled so good I wanted to eat it…. that was a strange feeling but it smells really good!
I got the Satsuma Body Wash also, I was going to just try out the little one but the big ones were on sale for $10 and I was about to pay $6 for the little one. The smell is awesome!!

I also grabbed their Tea Tree Face Scrub and Cool Viatmine E BB Cream, and a sample of the Honey Bronze stuff!!

Full Reviews to come later…..

2 thoughts on “Body Shop Haul

  1. I love Body Shop Butters- strawberry and vanilla duo being my favs! And yes Satsuma Body was smells kiddo loves it more than me!! With L’oreal taking over Body Shop, I’m not so sure about their “cruelty free” status…otherwise quite liked their bath range..

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