Urban Decay Naked Basic Review + Looks

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The 6 color, mostly matte baby Naked palette. I bought one to take with me when I am on the go. I only take my big palettes when I am on vacation or something. So this is perfect.

It retails for $27.00 on the Urban Decay website. Not too bad considering the father Naked palettes are $50 for 10 colors.

The colors from left to right are as listed with a brief description of them:

Venus: The only non matte color, it is a shimmery white/cream color. A brow highlight color.

Foxy: A yellow skin tone color perfect for a matte brow highlight color, or to blend any harsh crease lines.

W.O.S: Walk of Shame, another skin tone colored highlight or blending color, this one is not as yellow as foxy.

Naked 2: Is what it says, it is a brother to the color Naked in the Naked 1 palette. a light brown color. Depending on your skin tone, can be used as a crease color.

Faint: The darkest brown, is a warm medium brown color. Very attractive.

Crave: A dark matte black.  I don’t know what the difference is between this and Blackout from Naked 2 and Smoked, but its black!

These are all basic colors, hence the name.

Naked BasicI have owned the above palette for a while now!

I own 3 Urban Decay palettes and 3 loose colors. (purchased myself) Of all of them, these are the worst in my opinion. I find them to be powdery/chalky. When I dip my brush into them I get all this powder sitting in my palette. I don’t know if that is part of the new formula, but the colors in my smoked palette do not do that. I use the colors in this one quite often despite the annoyance of the formula, just because the colors are good for me.

(picture below is the mess this palette makes after one makeup application, and none of that is from tapping excess!)

Naked Basic dust

Colors are super pigmented, as are pretty much all of UD’s colors. That has never been an issue that needed addressing I think, least I haven’t see a blog or video post knocking their pigmentation.

I like it’s size, perfect for dropping down into a makeup bag and into your purse. The mirror inside is all you need, Urban Decay doesn’t screw around with their mirrors. None of that fun house mirror shit, its a legit mirror!

I did a quick day and quick night look with this palette for this post, nothing special. I did the day as if I were running errands and added night colors like I was getting ready and didn’t have 3 hours to do so.


10 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Basic Review + Looks

  1. It’s my goal to eventually buy the Basics palette. I have the Naked palette, and it has been keeping my eyeshadow needs satisfied so, it’ll probably be awhile until I get my hands on the Basics. Enjoy yours though. It seems like a really great tool for creating cool eye looks!

  2. I hardly get any powder in the palette when I use my Naked Basics. But then I do then to dab the brush rather than stroke the brush over the eyeshadow.

    1. Man, the world just hates me I guess. I have had the powder issue since I opened it. I’m all the time getting duds. :/

      What kind of brushes do you use?

  3. I am going to have to get this. I have yet to invest in a naked palette. *crickets in the background* BUT I am going to invest in both of them soon. I may just start with this basics one first and see what I can do with it. I would say the naked palettes would suit my eye shadow needs, but they won’t! LOL I am an eyeshadow junkie!! Great review, and as always I love your honesty!!!

    1. I have the first Naked, and I love it. I got this one because it’s almost all matte, but I just don’t use it like I thought I would! 😦

      I also have an eyeshadow problem!!

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