Nebula Nail Art

Glitter, Manicures

… Yeppers, I am like the 1,353,467,098 person to do this.
I like it! 😛

I googled Galaxy, found a picture I liked.
Click here to go to my inspiration picture!

This is harder than it looks! I took it off twice and started over.

I had to tame my colors, since I have neon and no pink. I also don’t own a pure white polish, so I used an off-white one that is probably the oldest polish I own! 🙂

The first problem I had with this was the white stars. Most people dot them on with a toothpick or dotting tool. I hated it! Lucky for me, the third time I tried this I pulled out a random nameless Hot Topic polish I have had FOREVER that has holo stars in it! WOOOT, problem solved!

Nebula uwillneed

These nails have the seal of approval from my son, who loves all things space! >:)

I used Illamasqua Creator as a base because it already looked like space right out of the bottle!

For the actual nebula I used China Glaze’s Orange Knockout, and Frostbite. O.P.I’s Got the Blues for Red. I added the white to my orange and red on the first round of sponging. Once I had all the colors down and was finally happy with how it looked, I went over and very lightly added more orange and red/pink.

I topped all of that with China Glaze’s Fairy Dust, and a few of the large stars from my Hot Topic polish! Finished with Seche Vite!

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