New Hair


Red Red Red!! I have been wanting to do this for months now, and I finally got the stones to do it. I put it off, since red is a bitch of a color to work with. The worst part about red for me is the washing, and if you haven’t taken a red hair dye shower before….. don’t. To keep red hair red.. its best to wash it in cold water, which SUCKS! Yet the color looks bad ass enough, that I will suffer through it! I only wash my hair maybe twice a week, depending on what I do.  My hair had gotten soooooo much healthier since I stopped washing so much. Dry shampoo is a good thing to have around.
I only did the underside of my hair, for many reasons. The main one being…. I can go longer between root touch up’s which is easier on my hair health. I love a whole head of un-natural color, but its a pain in the ass to get even coverage and color, and then roots…. so NO!!! I am naturally a mousey brown color, which I have let grow out maybe 10 times since I was a teenager. I tend toward darker brows and blacks. Right now I am madly in love with the John Freida Foam hair color. Which is what I use on top in Natural Black. (I did not do the top today)

I did a ton of reading and video watching about the dye I used, and the best ways to use it. Click here for the best video on this!
I knew I wasn’t going to get a neon red with just one go, but I am extremely happy with the berry/wine/burgundy that I got from this. Just enough un-natural bang for me!!!
I used the Loreal Hicolor For Dark Hair Only in Red and a 30 Volume Developer.
I am not a professional, I just know my own hair very well.

I followed the instruction on the color, and left it on for maybe 5-10 minutes longer than it said.

I also used the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque after I rinsed and lightly washed.


Below is a mash-up of all the random colors I’ve been. Sorry the quality is crap, I had to take these from my Facebook.

Here are some fun facts about the color red and red dye:

*There are at least 23 different shades of red crayons.

*Seeing the color red can make your heart beat faster.

*Red is the most difficult hair shade to maintain. Why? Red hair dye has the largest color molecule which makes it difficult to enter the hair shaft

*Red by a large margin is the color most commonly associated with seduction, sexuality, eroticism and immorality, possibly because of its close connection with passion and with danger.

*Red hair occurs naturally on approximately 1–2% of the human population.  It occurs more frequently (2–6%) in people of northern or western European ancestry, and less frequently in other populations. Red hair appears in people with two copies of a recessive gene on chromosome 16 which causes a mutation in the MC1R protein.

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7 thoughts on “New Hair

    1. I love it too, It’s only been on for a week and I’m already trying to decide if i should lift again and get that Super Bright red, or leave it kind of dark?!?

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