Halloween 2013: Patches

Halloween Makeup

This is really nice for someone who doesn’t have a bunch of time to put into a makeup for whatever reason. I drew this out as a facechart 3 months or so ago, it’s a  patchwork/quilt face. Frankenstien-ish, Buffalo Bill rebuilt you from other people’s skin…… Insert any horror movie where skin is “Borrowed”!
This was pretty easy to do. If you have more than one foundation for any reason, wrong color, wrong season.. whatever, this is a way to get some use out of them. 3 or more should do it. I have an 18 color Graftobian Palette I got from Camera Ready Cosmetics a while back that came in super handy for this! I also used a black gel eyeliner (one that sets good) black, red, and brown eyeshadow and Rigid Collodion (optional).

I used the Collodion to suck up the lip area and where 4 pieces of skin come together, pulling some areas to help with the illusion that it’s not all my skin.

I mapped out the areas of patches with a white eyeliner pencil to get a rough idea of where I wanted what. Then I started filling in the patches with different colors of foundation. I suggest getting at least one color that is WAAAY off your skin tone, it helps get the point across. Once your all mapped out and filled it, set with powder… a good bit of powder!

Then begin adding color to the lines between each patch. I did the reddish-brown as a sort of fresh but healing color to mine. Then add Collodion if you have it to areas you want to sink or get pulled and warped.(see my lip) and then add your stitches. You can use dental floss for a more 3D effect to the stitches… but that is going to take a lot of time. You can also add blood to the cuts for a fresher look.

I wish I had put my hair up in pigtail braids or something like that… Editing this post, I feel like that would have helped the look!

Lots of room for customisation with this one.

If you do a Halloween look inspired by one of my looks, please email me pictures so I can share them here! Llewsoba@gmail.com

NOTE: If you use Rigid Collodion, don’t put it on places that move a lot. It will peel up!

I used it on my mouth area for this post,  I do not know if it is safe to be used that close to the mouth, so you probably shouldn’t…

oh and it hurts to peel it off! OUCH!


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