Farewell Summer Nail Art

Glitter, Manicures

** No fun Sunday Makeup for me today, we spent the afternoon with some friends remembering another friend we lost this weekend in an accident. So I am posting the nail post that has been waiting to go up. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.**

I knew before I took off my old polish that I was going to do a bright gradient, a farewell to summer sort of thing. I didn’t know I was going to end up with something that looked like grass!
goodbye summer 13 2
I really love how this turned out.
Goodbye summer 13
I used the same sponge technique I used in the Nude Purple one. Click here for that post! Clean up was easier for me this time. I tried to not be as messy with it. I did clean up between the gradient and the glitter, so by the time I was done with removal it was dry and ready for glitter. That cut down my dry and cure time by a ton!
This was a China Glaze fest, I can’t help it.. I love their stuff. I look at them every single time I go into a Sally’s!!
Colors Used:
Celtic Sun (neon)
In The Lime Light (neon)
Graffiti Glitter
Seche Vite Base and Top Coat

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