Halloween 2013: DeRaNgEd

Halloween Makeup

….. is all I could think to call this. With my new red hair, and a recent obsession with the North Hampton Clown (google it if you don’t know) this became…. Deranged! This will probably be what I do for myself this year! DeRaNgEd
So this was a facechart of a demon, with horns and melting eyeliner. Hubby and I made horns out of foil and hot glue, they turned out really good. They ended up being too big, and a tiny bit too heavy for me to get them to stick for long periods of time. I also wasn’t able to get my melting eyeliner the way I liked it……. So I scrapped that shit…. and it became this …..whatever…
I was hoping for more of a creeped out reaction from my boys when they returned from football practice, but I think they are pretty used to finding me like this!

Contacts from Eyesbright.com, purchased by me! Really nice lenses and awesome customer service. This is my seconds pair of these red Volturi lenses, as the first ones had a defect in them. Emailed customer service and they sent me a new pair the same day!

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