Fun Sunday Makeup: Fall Featuring MAC


So it’s finally fall, and this is not really a fun look but I had fun doing it!!

I’m not a hot weather or sun person. I like it cool and grey outside!!! I have been wanting to do a look with some shadows I got from MAC, but I’ve been lazy. Sorry 😛

I don’t go to MAC often, mainly because the counter people get on my last nerve. Unless J is there, she is the MAC girl my husband found while Christmas shopping for me. She is just awesome! Not the kind to be judgemental and make you feel like you’re an idiot for coming to the counter. She always looks amazing too, I never walk by and think…. WTF happened to her face… did she pass out and fall face first on the counter? It would be like having surgery, and meeting your doctor only to find out he is a butcher. Sure he knows how to cut up meat!! Sure I work at a makeup counter, but I look like I put on my face in the dark with no mirror,and you want to help me find a bronzer… no thanks!! 🙂 I’m sorry, but it’s true…. and it is at all counters and not just MAC to be clear!


So I did a heavy eye look, since I don’t have to worry about it melting off.I used Naked Lunch and Beauty Marked!
It’s not super heavy in the pictures as I left the house in this…I do wish I had put lashes on!!! 😦

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