Favorties: September 2013

Reviews, Series

The end of this month really surprised me. I just turned around and it was the last day of the month! Crap, I am not ready for another month yet! Queue adult temper tantrum! >:)

So first up this month is one from last month!
Green Tea Scrub from The Body Shop.
So good…smells good, feels good, not too drying. (because it exfoliates it does dry) I don’t get the feeling that if I touch my face it might flake off. It’s a nice tight clean feeling, ready for moisturizer. This is just about empty, and I will be re-purchasing! Hubby has been using this as well, but as a man he has no real opinion other than it cleans his face. >:)


MAC Charged Water Face and Body Lotion
Fancy Charged Water, and some crap about diamond powder or something.  I could care less about all that jazz, it feels great, and doesn’t smell. It does the job of a thicker counterpart without that gross feeling. A little goes a long way.  I have taken to mixing a drop of this with my BB, CC, WXYZ creams to get a smoother application. The jury is still out on this one as a repurchase, but for this month its pretty awesome!

Beauty Blender
Yep, this one is actually mine. Sorry it has makeup on it, but I used it! LOL The weather is starting to change here so I have gone back to putting on my makeup with this. I have dry skin, and it’s really, really, really annoying. This is a huge help with keeping that under control!

MAC Eyeshadow in Naked Lunch and Beauty Marked
YES! love them both. Being a blue-eyed human they are both awesome shades for me! I’ve had Naked Lunch on everyday for…….. a while.
Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Facade
You are probably thinking the same thing I was when I realized that I have been reaching for this gloss everyday for more than a month. It’s this pinky purple-ish toned grey color! LOL It’s a pretty thick gloss so I always blot, which leaves this perfect nude color to my lips. I can’t really explain this. I got this in a mystery box, so I know I wouldn’t have picked this out for myself. I do however love it!
Boots No 7 Lash Adapt Mascara
I love their mascara, I am working on trying them all. This one is like the comfy jeans of mascara I think. I get nice definition, no clumps, no smudging. It’s just good.
Quantum Riveting Reds Shampoo and Conditioner
I picked these up with the rest of my red hair color items to help with fade. I can’t say for sure if this is helping or not. To find out I would have to not use it, and I don’t want to. For my hair it is a bit of a pain in the ass, since I use the reds on the bottom and regular shampoo and conditioner on the top. (just incase it might transfer to my roots, better safe than sorry I guess) It adds time to my already horrible red hair showers, but right now I’m washing my hair twice a week. (Don’t judge me, You are NOT supposed to wash your hair everyday. Look that shit up!) I think the best part for me is that its colored shampoo and conditioner, so its kinda fun. My inner child is amused every time. It also smells red to me. I know that sounds stupid, but it smells like berry but not full on. It just smells like you would expect the color red to!

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