Review: Sephora Holiday Light Show Brushes


A gift from my hubby….Metallic Rainbow brushes. A..m..a..z..i..n..g

I am such a crow, I swear anything shiny and I’m done! The handle shape is my favorite, I prefer long skinny brushes. The metallic rainbow finish is freaking awesome! They all have Sephora, and what kind of brush they are stamped into the ferrule.
I was pleasantly surprised when they turned out to be very soft. I was worried about that because I don’t own any Sephora brand brushes. They apply and blend as good as the rest of my brushes, which range from MAC to e.l.f.!

I could have done without the silly stand. I did leave mine in it, for now… but I feel like most of us have a storage solution for our brushes already. I think it might have been better had they left the stand out and made it a few dollars cheaper. The math comes out to wee bit under $10 per brush, which is still pretty good since I have paid $5 for a super crap nasty thing from Wa-lmart.

I’m so freaking excited these came before hubby and I left for a road trip to a wedding. I get to pack up my fancy pants brushes, but I wont be taking the stand, it’s pretty heavy. No Fun Sunday this week, since the wedding is that day. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

There was a link here to go to Sephora and see the brushes, but the are no longer available! 😦

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