Manicure: Nude Sparkly Princess


This is an automated post I have set to post Sunday while I am out of town at a wedding. 

These were supposed to be a gradient from nude to brown, but the only dark brown polish I could find was too thick to blend well. The brown polish itself is a really nice chocolate-brown. It was Salma Hayek Nuance, #365 wood smoke. I went round and round with what to wear on my nails. I bought a taupe dress, to wear with brown shoes.

I also broke my claws….:(
One I was able to patch with super glue and a little slice of a band-aid, but then I went and snapped the tip off of my right index finger! So I cut them down and went with this nude glitter mani. It was easy and it looks nice and I was so pissed about my nails at the end I just went with a safe choice. :/
I do have a month before Halloween, and my nails grow pretty quick, so hopefully I can get them grown back out and shaped back into claws!

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