Halloween 2013: Broken

Halloween Makeup

Another pretty easy look, and my last for this year. It took me maybe an hour to do this, and I could have taken longer, but I have a kid to get ready and parties to set up. I don’t want to have to spend 3 days getting into my Halloween makeup.

I ended up doing this one twice, I wasn’t sure I liked the first time around. Once I finished going through attempt number 2, I still wasn’t sure. So I give you two sets of the same look. Done a month or so apart! The first one I used a light foundation, and the second time I used a white water based face paint from Michael’s!


How to:

Mark off the “broken” section of your face and then use your light foundation on that side. Use black eyeshadow to shade the cracked edge so it looks raised from the “real” side of your face. Do up your porcelain brow very neatly and dark, add a tiny bit of liner, mascara and lashes.  Easy and quick!

I used some individual lashes on the bottom the second time. It felt more doll-like to me.

Lenses from Eyesbright.com purchased myself. They have an excellent selection and really great customer service!

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