Versus: MAC Beauty Marked and L’Orèal Smoldering Plum

Reviews, Versus

I noticed this about a week ago, and have been pretty cranky about it ever since. I finally got the time to sit down and work with them, and take the photos for the post.
Here we have MAC Beauty Marked and L’Oreal Smoldering Plum. In their pots they look EXACTLY the same…. no question.
Beauty Marked is $15 for 1.5 g, about $10 per gram.
Smoldering Plum is (about) $6.99 for 3.5 g, around $4 per gram.
Naturally because one is drugstore and one is high-end, the price and size breakdown is ridiculous. The L’Oreal product is a pressed pigment, so it has a loose creamy-ish feel to it. Sometimes this is a pain in the ass. The MAC product is a plain pressed eyeshadow. Which is also sometimes a pain, who loves dark color fall out?!?!?!
I did the swatches the same way for each, with the same kind of brush for each!

The L’Oreal shadow is more a duo-chrome of purples, where MAC is a black with purple glitter. All parts considered they make the same thing, just not the same way in the same formula. You get dark with purple shine, but in two different ways. I prefer the darkness of the MAC shadow to the purple of the L’Oreal.

I put both sides over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean. I pushed on the shadows and only blended the crease. If you blend the MAC shadow too much, the purple glitter just brushes away. The L’oreal will require fewer steps for single shadow looks. I don’t feel like it needs a primer, or much blending for that matter. In the above picture, you can see where I started to get some creasing on the MAC side, but only in my crease. It wasn’t visible unless I raised that eyebrow. I do that a lot though, so if I plan on giving people disapproving raised eyebrow looks I will use the L’Oreal. >:)

So is this a dupe post? I don’t know. They actually are different colors, and formulas. So I want to say no, but they do end up looking pretty close. I’m sure you won’t be wearing one on each eye like I did. So yes, this is a dupe post!
So now I own both. This actually happened, I didn’t go buy Beauty Marked for this post. I’ve had Smoldering Plum for a while now, and honestly I don’t use it much. So I had one of those moments where you call yourself names. “Ugh you dummy, why did you buy this one if you have this other one you don’t use?” Yeah….

Solution, I’m going to wear them together!!


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5 thoughts on “Versus: MAC Beauty Marked and L’Orèal Smoldering Plum

  1. I agree with you…they are different, but on a quick view they do look similar. If price is a factor, I’d go with the less expensive one. I don’t know the ingredients so I can’t say which I’d choose…Though with the one creasing (MAC), then I’d go with L’ Oreal. Both are beautiful colors and look gorgeous with your color eyes.

  2. First of all, let me just say you should start wearing them, they look amazing on your eye colour, it’s like a magazine shot what I’ve seen here! Second, I think the MAC one is prettier in just one picture, they are very similar, and if I won’t use the colour very much I’ll probably get the cheaper one 😀

  3. I looooovveee this color!! Both of them 🙂 Your eyes really pop!
    Sometimes I feel like kicking myself when I realize that I am buying a million of the same color but different brands. They are extremely similar and now I will be buying the L’Oreal one. 🙂 Awesome post!!

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