Manicure: Dripping With Blood

Halloween, Manicures

I’ve gone back and forth on how to do this. What base color? Which end of the nail the drip should come from? Splatter or drip? After looking around on Google for a while, I decided to do with the drips. I do like the splatter nails, but I like the neat-ness of the drips more. I did this on a nude base first, and hated it. I ended up getting very cranky with this, and just put down the red on unpainted nails. So I’m going to say this is the easiest Halloween nail art ever…. make blood drips, top coat… done. ( Shhh…don’t tell anyone, I was just being lazy!)

The red is, O.P.I’s Got The Blues For Red

Please forgive the horrible state my cuticles are in. I’m still having some major nail issues over here. I have since chopped them all down to fingertip length. Hopefully the next nail post they will be much healthier looking. These picture are actually of my right hand, since my left nails are destroyed. It was great fun trying to take a picture with my left hand!

Totally breaking my posting schedule this month, so many things I want to get done and posted before Halloween gets here. You guys don’t mind, do you?!?!

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