Fun Sunday Stuff: Party Planning Stress


No makeup today, we have been running around grabbing last-minute things for our 2nd annual Halloween party. We live in a pretty small town, so other than Trunk or Treats, Halloween is missing here. So last year we threw a party, invited our sons football team, our family and friends and had a bash. It went over so well we are making it a yearly thing.

I went through all my boxes this afternoon and took some pictures to share with you guys.
Here we have Capt. Bones, who didn’t make it out of his package last year. We forgot to use him, not this year though!

Above are my favorite decorations EVER! They are creepy candle bunches made from toilet paper, paper towel, and Christmas paper tubes. Add some hot glue wax drips and paint them whatever color you want. Add LED tea lights and you have the ambiance of candles without the fire! I used the Christmas wrap tubes to make a HUGE bunch that I use as a center piece! This is definitely a good Halloween craft, and everyone has toilet paper tubes.
We also do a giveaway for the people who come. Last year’s went so well we couldn’t not do it! At Michael’s you can buy apothecary jars from small to huge, and ranging from $15-$40. We get the biggest jars, and do a guess the number without going over. The winner takes home the jar and the candy! We did the math on ours today, and the answer is already in the jar. I use my wax seal to keep the answer secure! How many do you think there are?
So yeah, right now I have a large pile of random things on my dining room table. Over 100 glow sticks of all kinds, balloons, candy, confetti, skull plates, spiderweb, chains, creepy cloth. Ugh just so much junk!

Comment below and let me know if you’re interested in seeing another post with picture from the actual party. Full decorations, costumes, and the homemade Battleshots game my father in law made!

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