Review: Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel

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I picked up four of the sixteen shades in this collection, mainly because I fell in love with Autumn Spice. I saw my first swatch of this color on Beauty By Brittany <–click to go to that post. I didn’t care much about the scent, I just loved the color. I hit up my local drugstore and found them buy one get one half off, so I got a few.

The bottles are just too cute! They seem old-fashioned to me, but I can’t put my finger on why. No matter, they are interesting and I love that. The round tops can be hard to open, I found my hands just slipped as I tried to twist. There are scratch and sniffs with the display, don’t open the bottles and try to smell it because they just smell like nail polish. Trust me, when I left the store  that’s the first thing I did!

You start to get the scent as they dry, and you can still smell them under top coat. Parfume
Above are the four I picked up, photographed with flash!

Autumn Spice: Bronze/gold glitter in a brown base. It might be my eyes, but when I look at this color I see a hint of green to it. This color is soooo pretty, and my swatches do it no justice. The best way to describe the smell, is Christmas. It smells like any Christmas store you go into. Like potpourri, and cider.

Italian Leather: A light olive drab with light gold super fine glitter. The color is really interesting, I normally wouldn’t buy a green like this, but I do like it. I really bought it because leather smells really good. Sadly this polish doesn’t smell too much like its name. There is a faint weak leather smell, but you have to look for those notes!

Wild Voilets: My favorite of the four, and I mean favorite by miles and miles. The color is a kick ass dark grape purple, with blue and purple super fine glitter. It is a brilliant color… I can’t even. If you like purple, just go buy it! I don’t know if it smells like violets, because I hate flowers… but it does smell like flowers. It’s a soapy flower smell, but in a good way. Not overpowering at all. I bought it because the color is amazing, but I did have some scent worries with the name. I read flowers and think perfume department hell, but not this. Super impressed with this one!

Spun Sugar: Is a nude/grey/silver color with matching super fine glitter. It goes on rather streaky and is my least favorite of the four I picked up. I don’t care for the smell either, it does smell like cooked sugar. Not really for me. I’m going to probably use this as a base for metallic gradients through the cold months!

Above are all four together, pictured with flash, and with natural light from a window! The scented nail polish thing takes me back to little girl nail polish, scented pens, random things like that. While I do like some of the scents, I’m not too sure I want to be sitting in my car at a light with my finger jammed up my nose! I also don’t really think I will be asking too many people to smell my finger.

As far as just nail polish goes, they are pretty great. They all covered in 2 coats, Spun Sugar was the only one that streaked on me.

I hope everyone has a safe Halloween!

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13 thoughts on “Review: Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel

  1. You picked out lovely colors! I do want to get the Italian leather just for the color. I scent been able to find an olive drab I like and that one seems like an interesting color. Maybe it’s just me but my wild violets came out super dark, almost black if you didn’t know better. Yours looks more purple/blue. Great Picks!

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