Favorites: October 2013

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I just about forgot to do this post with all the crap going on in October! So happy a new month has started, and my calendar is clear!(for now) I hope you all had a wonderful October!


Tootsie Rolls: Thankfully Halloween is finally over, the bag of candy with Tootsie Rolls in it taunted me all month. I literally ate half the bag! I still have quite a bit left over!


Physicians Formula Eye Booster Eyeliner: I’ve had so many things going on in October, that I’ve re-discovered my love for this eyeliner. Goes on fast, is easy to use, and lasts all day. I’ve been using this liner for a few years now and I have little to no complaints about it. It is marketed as a lash booster, I haven’t noticed any change in my lashes in any way. That does not change the fact that the liner itself is amazing.


Urban Decay Brown Eyeshadow: Pretty much every one I own. Like the eyeliner above I’ve been using these to get ready quickly. This is the brown corner of my Z Palette full of UD browns!


Highlighters: Now that its cooler, I am more comfortable with adding shine to my face without feeling like I look sweaty and gross. Loving my Illamasqua Gleam and MAC Vanilla pigment.


Pampered Chef Tool Turn-About: $19 bucks and my brushes are no longer sitting in a Glossybox full of beans and rice! I did add some rice to the very top hole because it was so deep, and I wanted to put my powder brushes up there. I have so much more room now, and it spins… and its pretty. Yes, just yes! Price was pretty good too, I can’t complain. It does an awesome job, I have separated compartments for each kind of brushes now! In love with this! I got this idea from Cora (Vintageortacky) during her room tour video, and she reports that she got the idea from Leesha (Xsparkage), so shout out to those ladies for the idea!!!


Scarves: It’s starting to get chilly, and now its time for scarves. I’ve got quite a few fashion ones, but they don’t do a lot for warmth. My grandmother is teaching me how to crochet, so I can make the things I love. Scarves and blankets! This is a piece I’m working on for my son!

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