Manicure: Happy Purple Dot

Dot, Manicures

Why are dots so happy? I don’t know… but they make me smile, and I need that lately! I got this idea from YouTube, Click here to go to —>Simple Little Pleasures Video!
purple nude dots
I am a fan of this look, it was sooooooo easy! Two of my purples turned out to be really close to each other, so it ended up a bit dark. I did dot a bit of glitter polish on some of the darkest dots to try and help it out some. I was going to do this in green, but purple is more autumnal. I’ll save green for spring.
purple nude dots2

Polish Used:
Illamasqua: Monogamous, Prosperity
China Glaze: Flying Dragon Neon, VIII, Fairy Dust
Revlon: Wild Violets, Spun Sugar
Seche Vite Top Coat

6 thoughts on “Manicure: Happy Purple Dot

    1. I used a dotting tool. I used the back handle side for big ones, the actual tool side for medium and a toothpick for tiny ones. I dab some polish out on a square of foil.

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