Harvest Supper (Contest Entry)

Inspired, Makeup

This contest is being held over on Luchessa’s and Nia’s blogs,
Click here to be taken to Luchessa’s Post!
Click here to be taken to Nia’s Post!

The contest is open until the 25th of November! Head on over there and check it out, and enter. I found my way to this because of Amriaa, Click here to go to her blog!

So anywho, here is my look. The theme was Holiday Inspired, so I assume that covers both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I went with Thanksgiving, because I love food.. and a holiday mostly about food is my kinda thing.

Holiday Insp contest13
I went with all the great colors of Thanksgiving, including green for veggies, eat your veggies kids.(and because I’m a green junkie) Just thinking about the colors and their food partners is making me hungry. I’m so ready for some holiday food!

12 thoughts on “Harvest Supper (Contest Entry)

  1. This is so pretty, especially on your eyes 😀 we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I see what you did with the colours 😀 really nice, good luck ❤

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