The Sunshine Award


I was nominated for the Sunshine award by Jenn over at A Little Bit Of Girl Geekery! Click here to go to her blog!

So here are the rules:

Share 11 facts about yourself.
Answer the 11 questions set by your nomination blogger.
Nominate 11 bloggers.
Include 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
The questions from ALBOGG:

1. If you could wear one thing every day for the rest of your life what would it be?
Is that one item or one outfit, LOL! Underwear if its one item! No seriously though, blue jeans and a black tank top. It’s what I’m most comfortable in.

2. Favorite Season?
Winter, I like it cold, grey and gross outside. I’ve always believed its easier to get warm when its cold, then it is to get cool when its hot!

3.  If you had to be someone for a day who would it be?
Whoever wins the next 7 digit lottery?!?! >:)

4. Favorite thing to cook?
Ahhh, Chicken Parmesan, or Chicken Picatta. MMMMMMM

5. Favorite makeup item?
Probably eyeliner, it does soooo much for my face.

6. Favorite thing you own?
A book my husband bought to un-stress me. T-Rex Trying. A whole book of “awwww” moments of T-Rex trying to do things with his stubby little arms!
7.  In the last week, name one thing that made you smile?
My dog in her hoodie, I keep clothes on my Pitbull because people are stupid and she can’t help that she was born with a big scary blockhead. Sorry its a bad picture, she was moving and it’s from my phone!

8.  Do you pay it forward?
I guess so? My husband and I pretty much always do nice things for random people.

9.  What would you say is your motto?
“Shit Happens”

10.  Say something random here…….
Something random here….. >:)

11 Random facts about me:
~ I haven’t seen my natural hair color is a REALLY long time.
~ I hate apple pie.
~ I used to chew my fingernails down to nothing.
~ I have a small chin, and look like Jabba the Hutt when I look down! 😀
~ My favorite color is green, any shade..even baby poop green.
~ I don’t smile in pictures because I hate my teeth.
~ I’m in love with Bruce Willis!
~ I don’t drink.
~ I have a tattoo with the word Fuck in it! (I cuss a lot)
~ I’ve never been to Wal-Mart in pajamas.
~ I’m really loving being a blogger!
~ BONUS FACT—- I know all 50 states in alphabetical order! True story!

My Questions:

1- What is your favorite holiday?
2- What is your favorite fragrance?
3- Do you have pets?
4- What kind of sunglasses do you wear?
5- Last movie you watched?
6- Last makeup item you purchased?
7- Gold or Silver?
8- What was the last blog post you read?
9- Favorite flavor?
10-Do your socks always match? (mine don’t)
11-Can you believe I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter is in fact not actually butter?!?!?! (I got this one off the internet)

Elektra King

5 more random people who read this, and feel bad for T-Rex… I tag you to do this! Do it for T-Rex, he would but he can’t type on a keyboard!

13 thoughts on “The Sunshine Award

  1. Cute dog! And the T rex book must be a smile bringer for sure 😀 I don’t hate apple pie but I hate apples to eat by themselvs, if that makes any sense. And I haven’t seen my natural hair colour in 10 years and one month ahaha, so I totally get you 😀 But, all friendships must come to an end, I’m sorry because I really liked you but Bruce Willis is mine, I even have a whole wedding planned out for us.

  2. There’s nothing about sparkles on here. You use glitter on EVERYTHING! Our pets are so saturated with glitter that they are permanently decorated for Christmas… Just sayin!

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