Random November FOTD: Winter Storm Boreas

Glitter, Inspired, Makeup

I hope everyone who is in the area of this storm is staying safe. We got some ice this morning, and calling for more later today. I was inspired by the ice on our trees, some of which still have some leaves on them.
WinterstrmBoreas I kind of wanted to look like I had been frosted over, but it is so grey and nasty outside all the shimmer and glitter doesn’t really show without flash, and flash is just too much! >:)
I’m off to do my laundry and start working on Thanksgiving food!

4 thoughts on “Random November FOTD: Winter Storm Boreas

  1. Have a great Thanksgiving 😀 I bet it will be delicious. It began snowing here too about an hour ago, but darn I hate it, it will be terrible driving to school in the morning. But it did put me in a Christmasish move haha, I will decorate my plastic tree tomorrow yayy. And then get a real one a few days before Christmas. You stay safe and have fun 😀

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