Manicure: Oh Christmas Tree Nails, Oh Christmas Tree Nails…


Now that this song is good and stuck in my head!! Yes this is another Ombre/Gradient nail but with Christmas Trees!!!!!! I can’t help myself, I love how it looks, this is far from the last gradient. >:)

I was going to go have my nails done, since I have a broken one on each hand. (The broken ring finger is much more noticeable than the broken pinky.) I changed my mind, and went ahead and changed my polish. I don’t really want to damage my nail beds more just to help the wee ones to grow back out. I also felt like I should show that even people with really short nails can do the gradients!

I used two of the oldest green nail polishes I own, I can’t even tell you how old they are… that’s how old!!! I blended them into Illamasqua Monogamous. It does make it a little harder to see the stars on my trees, but had I painted them on it wouldn’t have mattered, but I didn’t. I cheated and used holo stars! I also went with a random assortment of other colors to use as tree decorations.

This is super easy to do… it could be done with a toothpick if you don’t have a striper or dotting tool. I painted slightly curved downward lines, and dotted colors between the lines.

Products Used:
China Glaze: Fairy Dust, Frostbite, Ruby Slippers
Illamasqua: Monogamous, Prosperity
Pure Ice: First Time
Rimmel: 60 Seconds, Camouflage
Wet n Wild: The Gold & the Beautiful
Nameless Hot Topic Star Glitter
Seche Vite Top Coat
Art Deco Stripers

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19 thoughts on “Manicure: Oh Christmas Tree Nails, Oh Christmas Tree Nails…

  1. I love it! I also love your shot of all the polishes you are going to use! I think it’s good to show the nails even if one nail is broken. Ever since I started blogging I’m horrified at the thought of completely breaking one – because I have a pretty short nail bed, so when my nails are short they are REALLY SHORT!!
    And btw since you started this post with ‘oh christmas tree’ … I recently came across the most funniest pic on IG: it shows a weird looking cat sitting right between the branches of a christmas tree and all over the pic is written: christmas tree oh christmas tree your ornaments are history 😉 this is how the song sounds in my head right now 🙂

    1. HA!! I love funny cat stuff. My cat sleeps under my ALL GLASS tree, and on top of presents! LOL

      I wasn’t going to show the really short ring finger, but I used to chew all my nails down that short… so I figured someone might find it useful!


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