I’ll Have A Blue Christmas..

Glitter, Makeup

… Eyeshadow look that is! I was feeling particularly fancy when I did this look. I’m also entering this in Illamasqua’s 12 days of Christmasqua day 7,(tomorrow) which is snow queen!
I knew I was going to do a holiday look with glitter, and it turned into this fancy pants-ness you see here! Hubby and I are going to have to go out to a nice dinner so I can recreate this and wear my bad ass blue heels with it! >:)

I’m also very happy, I got my bun shaper to work! I’ve seen them around, and see them in videos, so I grabbed one last time I was out. I had the worst time with it for the first few days. I’ve got a long thick mess on my head and it wanted nothing to do with this thing. When I did this look I gave it another go, and I got it all up and pinned. So yay for that!

So tell me, would you wear blue eyeshadow?

Products Used:
Urban Decay Naked Skin 3.5
Benefit Boi~ing 2
Star Crushed Minerals Midnight Blue
Charcoal Glitter
Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss Facade

Don’t forget to enter my Christmas Giveaway!!!! Click here to be taken to the post!


** Let me know in the comments below if you would be interested in seeing a post about my Christmas decorations and such?**

28 thoughts on “I’ll Have A Blue Christmas..

  1. Is it weird that I say this an immediately thought ” I could do something like this for the Doctor Who Christmas special”? Of course, I would need waterproof EVERYTHING but still….
    I love this look! So festive yet elegant 🙂

  2. Personally, I think you look like a queen! Whis the beautiful jewllery and all 😀 Your husband must be very careful with every man noticing you where you go tonight hehe. It’s really pretty ❤ I think it's because of the glitter too, I know you look good in blue eyeshadow but adding that just made it purrrfect! I like wearing blue eyeshadow but I have nothing blue, I just wear it with mono outfits or whatever haha. 😀 I just read your tweet about going to paint your face because you are angry… I hope all is ok! 😀

      1. That sounds good, shopping is always a good idea! 😀 I didn’t even start. And don’t even want to, too many gifts to buy! o_0

    1. I keep an eye on her, but not for the reason you would think. When strange men get handsy, she turns into rechin with freckles…

  3. Love love love the color and look! And I wish I could gank those earrings from you. Those are amazing! I hope you get that night on the town to share that look!

  4. I don’t wear blue eyeshadow because my mum wore it all the time but your eye makeup is stunning!! I would be interested in the post you suggested.
    By the way you definitely need to rename that eyeshadow Dr Who Blue lol

      1. Blue eyeshadow and liner look stunning but because my mother and I looked so alike everyone says it reminds them of her lol my sister looks like our dad so she can get away with wearing it :-p

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