Manicure: Candy Cane

Glitter, Holiday, Manicures

So, this was supposed to be an easier manicure. It wasn’t… it was hard as shit! Somehow I managed to do a better job with my non-dominate hand! 😀 I only did my middle fingers and thumbs as accent nails. I prefer my middle finger for this, so when I’m rude and flip people the bird, its beautiful! ❤


Products Used:
China Glaze: Ruby Slippers
Art Deco: White Striper
Seche Vite Top Coat

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12 thoughts on “Manicure: Candy Cane

  1. I was trying to do this type of nail yesterday. I could not get it right. I got the strips too thick! I got annoyed and took it all off and now I have un-polished fingers. But I think yours looks really good! You would have laughed if you saw mine. Lol…I am horrible at polishing my nails.

    1. Oh I had the same problem, I did one finger on my left hand 3 times. I noticed if you don’t get the angle severe enough it doesn’t look right either! ❤

  2. I tried to do this SO MANY TIMES!!!!Never managed to get a decent candy cane look ahahah 😀 I love your many! And your nail shape, it’s really feminine, they look like woman hands, my hands usually look like a 12year old boy’s 😀

  3. I’m already bad at nail art and I have also tried this and ofcourse – failed! 😀 Yours came out beautiful in the end. After the second time I would’ve thrown everything against wall (ok just in my mind in reality I’d just quit) So good job xx

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