Thankful For Blogger Friends Tag



I was tagged by Jenn over at A Little Bit Of Girl Geekery. xoxo

ABOUT YOUR BLOG (Please be specific in your answers, so we can all learn something!):

  1. How long have you been blogging? 6 months, I started the last week of June 2013
  2. Are there any bloggers who helped you out/encouraged you when you first started your blog?
    I had a handful of ladies who always commented on my posts, which really kept me going through the first month or so until I got the hang of it!
  3. What Social Media has given you the most traffic to your blog?  Is there a platform that you don’t use? My stats show Pinterest has sent me the most social media traffic, Pinterest counts right >:)
  4. How often do you post?  Do you have a regular schedule?  I try to stick to my Tuesday Thursday Sunday, but sometimes I get busy and can’t post on those days. Or I get these tags, which I write-up and usually post the day I get them, or shortly after.
  5. Where do you blog? On my dual screen desktop. Wooo fancy pants, writing blog posts and watching Twitter on the other screen. 😛
  6. What camera do you use?  What photo editing software do you use? Nikon D3100, I love my camera.. I only wish I could use a wireless remote with it. No Nikon had a brain fart on my model.
  7. How did you come up with your blog name? It is my first initial and last name spelled backwards. A.Boswell. Yeah I suck with names and often go with reverse words.
  8. Do you do any regular “series” posts on your blog? I do a Fun Sunday, where my husband or son can pick a color combo or general idea. Or I just do whatever and post it. I’m also working on a half face series to show what makeup actually does.
  9. What draws you to a blog? The content, I want to read about things that I like. The person writing has to have some personality.
  10. What turns you off of a blog? People who post things for the traffic the search terms bring. People who post sales ads from their emails, people who post FOTD posts, with no pictures…. what?
  11. How many blogs do you subscribe to? Are they all beauty related? A lot I think, not all beauty. Some food, writing blogs, life blogs.
  12. When do you generally read blogs? Whenever I’m sitting at my computer.
  13. What is your favorite type of post, and why? I like reviews, empties, and FOTD posts.
  14. What is your least favorite type of post, and why? See #10, probably the people who post things that are popular for search term hits. Example: Naked 3 just dropped, I had a blurb about it in a post about something else, some people typed up whole posts, stole pictures from blogs who had the palette long before the announcement. Launched a whole post full of search terms, and like 12 words. I typed up a whole post about MAC launching a Maleficent collection to go with the movie, but it’s a whole real post.

NOW ABOUT YOU!!  (If any are any you prefer not to answer, just skip!):

  1. Where do you live? Tell us a bit about your city! I live in a small boring town in NC, thankfully I am 1-2 hours from all major cities in this state.
  2. What about your home? We rent a giant house from a church. It used to be their parsonage and we think a funeral home based on the length of the rooms (our living room is long and skinny, perfect for chairs and a casket in the front of the room) There is a graveyard about 50 yards from us, it’s all good though hubby has family buried in there.
  3. Do you have a “day job”? Nope, I’m a housewife. So I guess I do have a “day job” and its washing my boys socks and undies. YAY! >:)
  4. How tall are you? 5’6 1/2
  5. Do you have siblings? 1 sister
  6. 3 words to describe yourself. Bright, rude, loveable
  7. Who is your style icon, and why? Don’t have one, never have. I don’t go with trends. I buy things I like, and wear them.
  8. 3 favorite bands/musicians. David Bowie, Korn, Journey
  9. 3 favorite movies. A Nightmare on Elm Street, Casino, Scarface
  10. 3 favorite books. Night, Tell Me Your Dreams, Game of Thrones series.
  11. 3 random/weird facts about you.  My favorite color is green, all greens even the poop colored ones. I have a cat, but I’m allergic to cats. I really don’t like people that much!

I’m tagging:

Mammu Likes
Amriaa’s Blog

9 thoughts on “Thankful For Blogger Friends Tag

  1. It’s a cool tag thanks for tagging love ❤
    Someone does FOTD without photos???????!!! O_o
    Hahhahahha you're rude but loveble. You are allergic to cats but you have one! 😀 Now I need to know what's your star sign? Xx

  2. FOTD without any pics LMAO… I haven’t come across any of those but damn !
    We have one thing in common it seems: we both don’t like people all that much lol.
    Was fun reading about you 🙂

    1. Yes, sometimes I just want to smack people! UGH!
      Those posts are not always FOTD posts, but like “Going out makeup” and there is a picture of a pile of makeup, and a wall of text about them, but no face pic?

  3. ahahahhahahahaha wait…someone does fotf with no pictures?! What the hell?! ahaha, my loved one is also allergic to cats but he loves them so so much! I only get my allergies going if I touch my eyes or face after I pet the cats. That’s why I wash my hands so many times, my hands are actually whiter than the rest of my body ahaha. Green is also my mom’s fav colour, she has everything green. Everythiiiiing 😀 Thanks for tagging me ❤ you give me weekend homework haha 😀 but the fun kind!

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