You’re A Mean One, Mrs. Grinch!

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Mrs Grinch
It was just one of those days, when I was feeling as cuddly as a cactus! Countdown, 8 days until Christmas is here and gone. I know quite a few people who love this time of year, and are the brightest, shining, pearls of happiness and cheer…..well Bah Fu%$*ng Humbug! >:)

Come Christmas morning, when our son is freaking out over all the awesome choices his father and I made for his gifts, I might feel better… but for now I’m just not feelin’ it. It does make me feel a little better to read fellow bloggers who feel the same way, it lets me know I’m not the only Grinch around. ❤ to you all, and I hope your holidays are and will continue to be awesome!! ( I actually really mean that!)

Products Used:
Star Crushed Minerals: Apple Martini, Candy Apple Red
Urban Decay Naked Skin: 3.5
Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss: Facade

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17 thoughts on “You’re A Mean One, Mrs. Grinch!

  1. I’m sorry your feeling Grinchy 🙂 I really like Christmas and whole december but I’m just pissed I’m so far from my fam in Estonia and my mother-in-law is a selfish b–ch…. You look very scary with those eyes I must say 😀 But I really enjoy your unconventional makeup looks – makes me wanna wear them for everyday hahhhhaa Xx

    1. Thank you hun, there is just some stress during the holidays and I dont manage stress well. I think everything is working itself out now, thankfully.

      Being able to come here and express myself with the most random looks, and then bitch and complain is SOOOO helpful!

      ❤ I'm sorry you're so far from your family 😦

  2. She de-stresses by either doing makeup looks or scolding me. Every time Llewsoba gets a comment, hubby doesn’t get yelled at! Like, Share and Discuss.. Please! #runaway

      1. there was, I was telling you that I used to cry at the grinch cartoon because I felt bad for him, he was so alone 😦 and also that I am sending you a hug to make your heart grow three times 😀

      2. I am better now 😀 but I can’t wear makeup yet because my eyes are still running a bit, so is my nose and I’ve lost my voice. Lucky for me I still have the internet haha

  3. Love the grinch, love the fun makeup….”liking” this for you and so your hubby doens’t get yelled at! Hahahahahahha 😛 The holidays can be stressful. Then again day to day can be as well…I really strive for happy daily. I did one thing that helped a ton… Kudos to you for being so brave to have such fun with makeup! Your artistic hand really shows fabulously! 😀

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