I Slapped Barbie…


…and took that bitches lipstick! >:)

This post got its name when I put a picture up on Instagram and captioned it with this, and it amused the hell out of me! >:)

Barbie Slap

I just got this Revlon Blam a week or so ago, and this is the first time I’ve worn it. I’m really stepping out with this one, I’m not a fan of pink.. but I couldn’t resist it! (Review of these coming soon)

Barbie Slap 2
This look is sort of my go to makeup. I wear variants of this all the time, because its easy and flattering to my slightly hooded eyes.

Barbie Slap OOTD

This is my typical style, jeans and a random top…sneakers! Hubby wanted me buy the Porkpie hat at Target when I got the awesome sunglasses.

Comment below and tell me what you think of the lip color, should I give it back to Barbie??

Products Used:
Star Crushed Minerals: Ice Mocha, Perfectly Peach, Rockstar (liner)
Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm: Showy
Urban Decay Naked Skin: 3.5
Benefit: Hoola Bronzer
Illamasqua Sealing Gel

27 thoughts on “I Slapped Barbie…

  1. It amused me too 😀 I love love love this look as I’m a big fan of bright pink lipsticks *-* You shouldn’t give her the lipstick back cause it looks great on you! And I really like the hat too =)

  2. Definitely keep it! I’m sure Barbie has a whole drawer full! It flatters your skintone and would be even better worn in the summer time! Everyone needs a crazy bright lip that they know they can rock! PS those pictures are gorgeous and your eyebrows are perfect!! xX

      1. Awesome! Where are you from? I just followed you on Instagram too, BTW 🙂 I am brand new to IG…I guess I have been living under a rock! I don’t know why I didn’t join sooner, I love it!

  3. Poor Barbie… She never did anything to you, beyond being too thin, having unrealistic and unhealthy proportions, and inspiring materialism instead of being happy with what you have… All things that don’t apply to you!

    Love the lipstick. And for all of the women contemplating purchasing this particular brand, minimal transfer when she kissed my cheek. Much appreciated not having to wash my face before work!

  4. Def a keeper, this look is perfect for you 😀 !! And it’s great that it’s your go to look because that means that you look gorgeous all the time haha! And hello tall mamma! I wish I could rock them jeans like you do. I never wear jeans because I look like a Matryoshka russian doll in anything else than dresses o_0 Is it cool to be so tall? I bet it is 😀 you can wear sneakers.

    1. I’m pretty average height I think. I wear sneakers and flip flops all the time, but I do like my heels. Hubs is 6’3 so I can never be taller than him.

      Sometimes I do which I was shorter, short people are so freaking cute!!!

  5. Screw Barbie! I think you should most definitely keep the lipstick. It looks gorgeous on you! I can’t believe you dislike pink when you can pull it off so well. 😆

    New follower here, BTW! Found you on Mammu Likes’ blog and your gorgeous (yet hilarious) look posts really caught my attention. Hope you can follow me back at Erika’s Secret Closet. Looking forward to reading your future posts! x

    1. Thank you hun, glad your here! I’m also not a fan of red, but I have red hair, and I’ve been buying red lipsticks. Must be a sign of growing up, color favorites are changing!

      1. Come to think of it… I used to wear pink hues all the time (both makeup and wardrobe!), but now I go for more neutral colors in clothing and more corals and reds with makeup. Oh, how time changes us all. 😆

      2. Indeed it does, I was loud when I was younger and then got married and became a mom and thought I had to be “normal” Oh hell no!!! Now I get to be bright and vibrant in a town that is very plain! >:)

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