Fun Sunday Makeup: Minor Holiday Freakout

Glitter, Random-ness

Okay, well I thought I was working my way out of my funk… I’m a liar! So I’m by myself today, hubs had to work and the boy is with his grandparents. So I tell myself I’m gonna do a holiday editorial look, I’m feeling good about this one.. inspired and productive!


I managed to find 2 pictures that I didn’t hate, out of about 165!!! I’m sure if I were a professional photographer this might have worked, but without flash or sun, glitter just doesn’t look good. I hate flash, and there is no sun today! : /

Not gonna lie. I had a little temper tantrum, and wanted to tear my face off…and kind of did, and then said “F#%k It, now its art” (How’s that for logic?)

It worked for whoever did Lady Gaga’s last album art… right?

I hope your weekend has been amazing!

14 thoughts on “Fun Sunday Makeup: Minor Holiday Freakout

  1. Awww love! I guess distracting yourself didn’t work 😦 I’m so sorry you’re still feeling down I wish I could do something, like come on over and give a hug, drink tea together and complain about stuff cause that’s what friends are for ❤ F–k it! It is art! Sending you a bunch of kisees =)

  2. Aww don’t get frustrated at glitter photography, it never looks as good as in person. What camera do you use? I know a bit about photography so I can help you?

      1. Normally for glitter photography, flash usually looks good, because the glitter reflects the light. What you want to maximise light is a softbox (look it up on YouTube – there are LOADS of tutorials on how to make your own softbox without breaking the bank). This tutorial is great – It’s really useful for nail art photography and stuff as well, especially if you own a DSLR. And try shooting in aperture priority mode (should be A on your DSLR), it maximises the light going in. Sometimes, using an artificial white light also works well so if you can get one of those lamps where the head is moveable, that’s just as good too 🙂 Hope this helps!

      2. I don’t use flash to shoot my face, it makes me look like a zombie. I also sit in front of 8 daylight bulbs.. Today is just dark and rainy, and trying to get anything to look like real life with just a camera is difficult.

      3. If you use a softbox, it’ll get rid of a lot of harsh shadows and things and you won’t look like a zombie 🙂 Do you live in England at all? Because it’s always dark and rainy and it’s such a pain to get my DSLR to cope with poor lighting, so I totally understand!

  3. Aperture mode ties shutter speed to a chosen ring opening size for adjusting depth of field or inducing bokeh while ensuring correct exposure.. some photographers and/or bloggers don’t like to use flash, or only natural (or as close to natl) light as possible.

  4. Lady Gaga would weasr this for sure when she goes to church haha! I really get you with the pictures. It sucks when you don’t manage to capture what your look actually is like o_0 I hate my face sometimes. And there are some days when nothing looks good and I hate everything arghhhhhh.

    1. Yeah, somedays things just don’t work out. Glitter never looks as good as it does in real life, you just can’t see it sparkle. Oh well it is what is is…<3

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