A Llewsoba Christmas Tour


We don’t get nuts with the holidays, but that doesn’t mean I can’t share some of what we do with you. This post is going to range from decorations, to gift wrapping, to what we cooked for Christmas dinner. I hope your holidays were amazing. <3<3

Christmas13We always run two Christmas trees, one with colorful, family pieces. Another with white, silver, and glass breakable things. Most of which I got from my grandmother, that were my grandfathers! ❤ This year I put the fancy tree in the kitchen, usually they run on either side of a giant doorway in our livingroom. This year I just felt like spreading it out!
christmas13 2This is pretty much it for decorations, we just keep it minimal with the trees, village and table setting. I did make an ornament wreath a few years ago that I love!

Christmas13 3

This year I decided to wrap in brown paper. I change paper every year, even if I haven’t used all of last years paper, I also usually go with a color theme. I’ve wrapped in my NFL team colors before, and in glitter paper! (is a pain in the ass, don’t buy it)  This year I wanted to keep it simple, and write the recipient names on the boxes in Sharpie. >:)


Every year we make sugar cookies for Santa, this year I made them from scratch… and I made a metric ass ton! Above you can see where my son had to wait for me to get them all off the pan before we could roll out new ones.  We didn’t decorate them all, just a few to leave out for Santa, and the rest are to eat Christmas day. I made a snowman replica of our family there, the mommy one even has lashes!

Christmas 134Christmas morning was amazing, my son is very well-behaved and easy to get along with. We realized about a week from Christmas that we forgot to send a letter to Santa, to which my boy responded… ” I’ll just leave it up to the big man!” I mean how can you go wrong with that.
100D3100171We had a wonderful day, full of wonderful family and food. I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours! DSC_0142

8 thoughts on “A Llewsoba Christmas Tour

  1. It all looks amazing! I’m totally coming over for Christmas next year 😀 The trees are beautiful *-* I was also thinking I should do 2 trees so I could have a fancy tree and my kids could have fun doing whatever with their tree =) The sugar cookies and the whole food looks yummy! Your son is so adorable! Xx

  2. I can’t decide who I love more, your boy or your dog ahahaha probably the kid because he’s freakin’ cute and a smart little one 😀 But loooooook at that dog ahahaha he’s just chilling there, in his Christmasy shirt. Two trees, twice the fun to decorate 😀

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