A Pair Of New Years Looks

Glitter, Makeup

…. I’m not going out this year, I probably wont even stay up…but if I were I would be in one of these looks.

blech blue

I did this first look a couple of days ago in prep for New Years Posts.. I wasn’t happy with how it all came together, I did manage to get a couple of cute pictures though. One that shows my talent for jumping up and down in high heels! 😛 blech blue clothes

I added a second look to this.. because… well I felt like the first one was very New Years, but un-comfortable. The look below is a bit more “Me”. I didn’t even really do my hair, because when I go out it just annoys the shit out of me and gets put up. So why bother spending an hour curling, or straightening all my hair??


It’s much more “like me” to step out in pants, a button down shirt, and pink eyebrows than for me to blend into a sea of smokey eyes and sequin dresses. No offense if that’s what you’re wearing out this New Years!! It’s just not me!


…but like I said, I’m not going out this year, not throwing a party, not even staying up. I’m going to get a good nights sleep and hopefully set myself up for good 2014.Got some changes coming….. I’m super critical of myself and I don’t want to be that way anymore, so I’m posting everything… even if I hate it! I’m sure you have noticed!
Llewsoba’s New Years Resolution: “Stop being a jerk to yourself!!”

I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year!
See you in 2014


19 thoughts on “A Pair Of New Years Looks

  1. Goshhh I love it when you go all glittery on your eyebrows *____* I’m in looooove!!! And you’ve got some pretty awesome shoes, you look great with both looks! I think your new years resolution is perfect and I have a feeling that if you would only post what YOU like then I think you would be posting maybe once in a month 😀 I am always more then happy with the looks you hate so give yourself a break cause WE LOVE YOU! ❤ Have a lovely evening or a good sleep, I haven't been celebrating in years. My hubs told it might be bad luck so today he bought way too much alcol for just the two of us…..I'm worried :D:D:D Hugs and kisses!!!!

  2. I said it before, I’ll say it again: You, lady, have some amazing heels! I wouldn’t mind having all your shoes ❤ and my fav look is the second one, it's more like you hehe! 😀 You look amazing in glittery eyebrows that's sure. And that's a good new years resolution 0_o I have planned for many years to just stay in and sleep but I never manage too because people keep dragging me to cheesy new year celebrations 😀 Little dude is a cute little smarty pants he is ❤ and husband dude looks like a cool guy, he won't mind taking pictures of you, who would? Aaaaaaanyway missed you, I'm back now 😀 and I see you're still a talented girl, woohoo 😀

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