Manicure: Ombre/Gradient, Snow

Manicures, Ombre / Gradient

** This is my first post of the new year, welcome to 2014 everyone! **

I was going to paint snowflakes on these, but once I got done with all my sponging I figured it was best to not piss myself off by having to remove and re-paint a nail until I got it right!  So I took the easy road with the dots that look like falling snow!


These snow nails are really just wishful thinking on my part. Its January, and its still in the mid to high 50’s during the days. Damnit I want some snow, and not some crappy ass dusting, I want like 4 feet of snow! ARRRHHHHHGGGG..


Sorry had a little temper tantrum there, I really like the cold weather. I’m not a hot person, and I’m sure that will be refected in my posts once we get to the end of July! : /


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14 thoughts on “Manicure: Ombre/Gradient, Snow

  1. No need for snowflakes…your artwork is amazing! It snowed here today. Nothing that stuck though. I’m of the mind if it’s going to be this darn cold, I want it to snow and stay on the ground! Happy New Year Dear! Awesome nails!

  2. You are darn right about that repainting stuff haha I always get mad if I try doing something different on my nails, it never seems right. Blue and white are the colours of my city hihi

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