Fun Sunday: Birthday trip for our son.


Hey hey hey, this will be my first ever mobile post since me, hubs, and the boy spent a long weekend camping in DC. We took our popup camper and stayed about a half hour out from the city, but 3 miles from the metro. We were about 2 hours from where I grew up, and maybe 25 minutes from where I was born.

We brought our son up to see the Air and Space annex, Udvar Hazy Center that now houses the Space Shuttle Discovery. We also made a run at the Mall and museums around there, including the Holocost Memorial Museum.

I took minimal makeup with me, enough to look human but no eyeshadow, no foundation. Pretty much just liner, mascara, a a bit of concealer.

Above is my National Mall face. (before walking around in 25 degree weather)

We probably walked 6 miles or so going from place to place. Air and Space, Gallery of Art, Natural History, Fords Theater, and the National Archives. My son was not thrilled at all the naked people in the art museum. >:)

It’s been an awesome trip, hubs got to see some things he’s always wanted to see, as did I. My son got to ride the Metro, which he found super exciting.

All of the really good pics are on my big camera. Comment below of you would like to see more pictures!

We’re driving home right now as I finish this post up. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

4 thoughts on “Fun Sunday: Birthday trip for our son.

  1. Yes we’d love some more pics, thank you! ^_^ I’m glad you had a nice time with your lovely family and a little change of air is always good! Hope you’re having a great sunday hun! ❤

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