Favorites: 2013

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There are just things you can’t live without. You can try other brands and formulas, but you always end up running back in slow motion like you’re in a romantic comedy or something! I use a lot of different things for the blog, but for my personal use there are some things that never change!


I’m skipping December’s favorites because I can’t remember anything that really stood out, and if I were to do a post, it would have one thing on it. December Favorite: That the holidays are over!!!!! So were just going to jump right in to the yearly round-up of things I cannot live without!

Eyebrow BootsNo7 Beautiful Brows Pencil: Other than colored brows, this is what I use for mine every single day. I usually buy a new one each time I go in Target, so I always have a backup ready! (Picture above is of my first review, and my spoolie was broken)


No7 Lash Adapt Mascara: I also buy one of these each time I’m in Target, I have yet to find another mascara I love more than this one. Its just an awesome mascara! I don’t buy high-end mascara, because it’s a waste of money. I throw mine away on a 3 month schedule. If I want insane, thick, long lashes… I wear fake ones!


The Body Shop Tee Tree Scrub and Toner: The Body Shop has taken over my life this year. Everytime I go in there, they have the best sales going on and I don’t feel bad for walking out with loads of stuff. My last purchase of 2013 was 2 jumbo body washes, a body polish, and some hair oil for $30!! I don’t go without the scrub and toner, they are amazing!


Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Facade: I use this so often. I wear nude-ish lips more often than anything else, and this one is by far my favorite. I got this in a mystery box and it took a week or two to grow on me. Something about the grey pink that I really like. It can look a little corpse-ish… but I like that look! This lip gloss taught me to try new things!


BH Cosmetics 120 First Edition: If it’s a colorful look on my blog, or in real life. It’s a 98% chance the colors came from this palette. I tend not to spend lots of money on things I use to experiment with, or let my 2-year-old niece play in at Halloween.(she painted her poor mothers arm, while I did her makeup. Was a joy to not have to sweat that) I always have one of these!! So at all times, I have every color I could ever need, without spending a ton of money! Some colors may need a primer, or white base…. so? If you don’t have one of these… get one!


Urban Decay Naked Skin 3.5: I found this late in the summer, and was thrilled at how well it worked for me. I have really dry skin, and some days it just wants to be an asshole and not work with anything. Most of the time however, I get the best results with this. I can remove the redness I have, but still show that I have freckles and not have cake face. No offence if you like cake… face…>:)

I’m sure I could think of a few more things, but honestly these are the things that almost never change…. for now!


8 thoughts on “Favorites: 2013

  1. So I finally got to the commenting part (my laptop died & I decided to make me a smoothie while I was waiting :P) That Body Shop scrub looks so good, I wanna hop in the shower and rub it on right away hahhaha I have never bought anything from them but I go on their website from time to time, so New Years resolution – buy something from Body Shop! 😀 Now that lipgloss looks amazing! I don’t own anything from this color (cause I feel like beige colors kill my face) but this looks so pretty! *-* I would totally wear it! For now I’m loving my first ever bh palette the Day & Night one from Kates giveaway & hopefully I’ll get my second one soon #fingerscrossed 😀 Why are my comments the longest lately, I can’t stop typing help!!! Ok I’m an idiot but you’ve got some great favorites! Xxxx

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