Requested: No Glitter Challenge

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This look was sort of requested, I knew I needed to sit down and work up a look for the blog and while having my morning coffee and Twitter chat, I asked my girl Marilyn if she had any ideas. Click Here To Visit Her Blog! To the right, I’ve included some of the tweets!

This was pretty hard for me considering I really don’t like pink as a rule, and I really love glitter. Like a lot, I used to own a pair of jeans covered in it! I also tried to stay away from shimmer and other things that fall into the same family, just to be safe. I wanted to use MAC Vanilla Pigment, but I knew hubs would come home and rat me out… its like shimmer on steroids. Not technically glitter, but…. I decided not to! >:)

I did a few looks, because I’m still in my creative funk.. so I would try something and be happy with it… and make a change and ruin it. (at least in my eyes) I did finally work something out, in the pinky, purple, and brown range. I really need to stop thinking so much, I overcomplicate things that should be easy.

I did miss my glitter, I’ve seen people say that glitter will save any shitty manicure….. this can also be said for eyeshadow looks. >:)

I had some issues with this, my eyes would NOT stop watering, my hands were shaking while I was doing liner… I’m just a big old mess lately.

NoglitterchallengeSo, did I pass?? No glitter and almost nothing with any shimmer! >:)

Comment below and let me know if you have any requests or challenges. I can use the help with ideas!

18 thoughts on “Requested: No Glitter Challenge

  1. Aww sweetie I’m sorry about your eyes! Happens to me too sometimes and I hate it cause the waterig just won’t stop! 😦 I hope your better now =) As for the challenge I think it’s safe to say you passed, you stayed away from any kind of temptation and pink looks good on you! PS! I love your eyebrows! I always see girls commenting on youtube videos about brown and now I can say I found my eyebrow gooddess hahahha but really, so perfect!!!! ❤

    1. I had fun stepping out. The pinks do great things for blues eyes!! I didn’t used to do my brows, they were okay before.. but I love this shape!!
      I would totally do your brows, but I can’t reach that far!! 😦

      xoxo!! Thanks for the challenge hun!

      1. I’m such a brow virgin 😀 I just started filling them in like spring’13 so I’m still experimenting and messing up 😀 Yes pink looks great with blue eyes! *-*

      2. I used to only pull out the stray far off hairs, and then I started blogging and looking at my face a ton… and had to change them. If you go WAAAAY back in my blog you can see the change!

      3. I did a video with mine but it didn’t came out very good so we’re planning to re-do it. I was suprise of how little he knew, he asked me what’s a blush????!!!!!!!!

  2. It looks good to me! Your eye colour is gorgeous too! ^_^ I will put our post up tomorrow! I just need to do my look first :p I was too busy today 😦

  3. Love the look and you did a great job staying away from the glitter!!
    I have also suffered from watery eyes while doing makeup and then I just say to hell with it and wash my face LOL

      1. LOL LOL speaking of lashes unglued. Remember how we were talking about lashes and how some girls still wear them even though they are clearly about to fall off. A worker at Sally’s Beauty supply had some on and they were barely hanging on. I don’t know how she didn’t just rip them off.

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