Manicure: Ombre/Gradient, Asphalt

Manicures, Ombre / Gradient

…. Yes I know. I’m obsessed with the gradient nail art! It just looks too good, and is too easy not to love!!! So I have accepted my addiction to this type of manicure, and created a sub folder in my categories just for it! So consider yourself warned, all of my nail posts are probably going to be gradients!

So sorry…. wait no I’m not!


I was torn on what to call this, I went with Asphalt in the end because it does remind me of a road for some reason. My second option was Graffiti, which it also reminds me of!


This manicure is currently my favorite, I’m pretty sure I say that in every single post…but this one is amazing and I love black soooo much. Green is my favorite color, but seeing as how black isn’t actually a color that means I can love them both equally! >:)

I feel like this is a wonderful way for someone to wear black polish, without it being quite so dark.


I’m still Oooo’ing and Ahhh’ing over this as I write the post, so yeah IN FREAKING LOVE WITH THIS!

Comment below and let me know if you want a pictorial on how I do these!

Products Used:
O.P.I Black Onyz
Art Deco White Striper (I really need to get a white polish!)
Seche Vite Top Coat

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28 thoughts on “Manicure: Ombre/Gradient, Asphalt

      1. But I’m so messy….and I don’t think I have any sponges at home….:D *excuses* Ok I’ll just admit I’m lazy …..:D

      1. haha, your going to be sad when it starts chipping lol I always get sad when my favorite mani gets its first chip

      2. I know!!! I was so funny trying to do housework yesterday BEFORE I had taken my blog pics. Trying soooo hard not to break or chip one!

    1. Bahahah, Its pretty great! I wasn’t sure about putting it on top and was just going to do an accent, but it topped it off so well.. I did them all!

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