Review: Marc Jacobs Lolita Palette


I’ve been thinking about getting this palette since it launched. Well I finally took the plunge and picked it up, it was the last one too!

The packaging is beautiful, which is a no-brainer since the man is a designer. Simple, sleek, thin, and to the point. It closes with a secure push button clasp. It also comes in a protective pouch, which I suppose is for travel to prevent scratches or to help keep it from coming open accidentally. The mirror in this palette is a-freaking-mazing. It may be slim, but you can actually see really well in it. 


Inside the lovely sleek black palette are 7 shadows. The colors don’t have names, but from Sephora’s website they are listed as follows:– (“The Lolita 206: matte off-white cream, matte nude, matte dark coffee brown, metallic warm pink with iridescent glitter, iridescent champagne pink sheen, light peach sheen, rosy copper sheen.”)


I wish I could say I love this as much as I thought I would. The above swatch is with no primer, on the inside of my arm. I went over each color 3 times. These are SUPER… SUPER soft shadows, especially the matte shades, so much so that it becomes a problem. (for me at least) When applying, they blend really well but you can just blend it completely away if you’re not careful.


My favorite color is the 4th from the left, and it is almost just like Sidecar from the Naked 1… just with more glitter fallout, YES I SAID MORE.The first time I used it, I applied it with a damp brush, went out for the day, and when I returned home….found the act of simply blinking had shaken off all the glitter onto my face.

I’ve included a picture of it in the palette with its own grit sitting on top. I also find the dark coffee brown color to be somewhat patchy. It didn’t swatch well at all.

I paid $59 for this palette. That’s 7 shadows for a cost of about $8.40 per shadow. Urban Decay Naked 2 is $52 for 12 shadows at about $4.30 per shadow. I do believe that I will be returning this palette and going with a Naked 2.

The packaging is amazing, and the colors are gorgeous and they work together perfectly. With a primer they do wear all day, but unless you just have a major love for luxe brands, designer named items, or really super soft shadows you should probably pass on this! In my opinion it’s just not worth the price.

This wont keep me from trying other items from the collection, or future items. However I will not be trying out the other 3 eyeshadow palettes. 

Have you tried anything from the Marc Jacobs Beauty Collection?
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25 thoughts on “Review: Marc Jacobs Lolita Palette

  1. That is too bad you were unhappy with it! Yeah that shade does look very glittery and should not have that much fall out for how much it costs! I got the scarlet palette! It was Fall at the time and I felt like it was a perfect Fall palette! I do like that one!

  2. Amy as usual being blunt and honest ^_^ I also think that the price is a bit high, but now knowing that they aren’t even comparing to high end eyeshadows I agree it’s certainly not worth it. You get the naked 2 girl!

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that love, you wanted it so bad 😦 I think I wouldn’t pay that much even for a palette I actually do like hahahhah I hope you can return it and get something you really enjoy ❤

  4. Aw no that’s such a shame! You were so excited to get it too. Oh well at least you can return it and get Naked 2. Naked 2 is actually amazing, I used it tonight in fact 😉 ♡

    1. I’ve been thinking about getting another Naked for a while. I still use 1 every single day, so I never had a “need” for another… but being a blogger now… I think I need it! >:)

      1. Well good, I’m glad it has a purpose. Mine is lost under all my other palettes. I use it every now and again, or when I travel.

      2. I have my Naked 1 and Smoked de-potted into my Zpalette, so that one for sure. I use something out of it every single day. This Too Faced one is climbing fast though.

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