Random January FOTD

Makeup, Random-ness

Just getting my purple on.
PURPSNot really sure whats going on with my hair in the far right there, but its got a mind of its own! I seriously need a hair cut. Its way to long, and really freaking annoying…. as you can tell!

How are you guys today?


This post also marks a change in my schedule. I’m going to start blogging every weekday. Stay tuned!

18 thoughts on “Random January FOTD

  1. First of all your hair looks lovely, why would you wanna cut it? 😦 But whatever makes you happy ^_^ You’ll already know that I love this makeup, what a pretty purple *-* Have a great day love ❤

    1. I love my hair, but it’s do thick it weighs a ton. It’s super dry and dead right now too. 🙂 you will have that purple eventually… Hopefully…. Maybe….

      1. Hahhhaa yes! I wish they would send me a note or something, like did my letter arrive to them in time or did they already ship it back to you or when the f–k are they bringing it to me!!! :S

  2. That shade of purple is Aaaa mazzzzz ing! I totally get the thick heavy hair. My daughter’s hair is long and thick…more hair than three people put together. I just cut layers into it so she still has the length but not so heavy. Doing great! Creating a website. How are you? Sounds like a lot of blogging coming your way??? or, our way I should say 😉

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