DIY: Crayon Lipstick

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I don’t know if you’ve seen this around or not, but when I did .. I knew I had to try it. You can find a ton of different recipes on the internet, using many different products. Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Argan Oil… the list goes on and on. What it boils down to.. haha I made a pun, I but seriously, what it comes down to is you get to put whatever you want in it!

Yep… Non-toxic and safe for toddlers to eat, so why not?? Look up whats in brand name lipstick, and see how you feel about it then!

For mine I used 1 crayon, 1/2 tsp of coconut oil and a 1/4 tsp of olive oil (use Jojoba, or Almond if you have it as Olive Oil can go bad). Some of them I added extract to, trying to kill the smell of crayon in the finished products. I pretty much just threw stuff into my tiny ladle and started melting.
100D3100185I used a candle I had lying around from Christmas to melt my ingredients, but you could also use a double broiler. I also happen to have a huge box of plastic jars from other projects, and from depotting some lipstick a while ago. I bought mine in bulk at about .30c cents per jar. You can really use anything, you could mold them in cookie cutters if you wanted to. (Hmm, I might do that next time)


My son picked out a neon green for me to make, sadly it doesn’t apply with any pigment, so my son got to keep it as a balm that looks like radioactive boogers! He loves it!


There were a few that came out really sheer, I managed to get swatches of all of them with pretty decent opacity, but its nice to know I can carry them with me and apply with a finger and get a tinted balm effect. Or I can use a stiff brush and get a more lipstick effect.

Crayon LipstickAbove are the 12 colors I made, not including my sons balm and my husbands grey-ish color. Jazzberry Jam has the best pay of with the least work. For these swatches I used a small still concealer brush swirled in the pot.

Are these the quality of a MAC lipstick? Nope! Do they cost what a MAC lipstick costs? Nope. They don’t even cost drugstore prices. The cost per color, including the pots is .62c Yeah.. 62 cents for 8 grams of whatever freaking color you want. Oh its Halloween and you need a teal lipstick with sparkles, 62 cents, and 15 minutes! It would take me 25 minutes to drive to my mall to see if MAC or Sephora had anything even close!

How bad ass is that? I think next time I make some, I will add more coconut oil to give it a softer feel. For now though, I have 12 new lip colors to work with that cost me almost nothing.

100D3100190Above are some more swatches a few days later, after I’ve worked with them some more. Some colors are patchy, some are really sheer, and some (like my sons neon green) don’t give off any (or very little) pigment at all. I really only had maybe two really sheer ones and one dud.

So all in all, I think this turned out really well. I love having all these new colors lying around, without the burden of having gone out and spent $4-18 per color!

I hope you will try this yourself and make some colors you wouldn’t buy in a store! If you do, please do a blog post, and if you’re not a blogger please email me some pictures to or post them to my Facebook wall!

Things To Note:
Use name brand crayons, their pigment is SO MUCH BETTER than the cheap-o kind.
Some crayons just don’t work out, like my sons color. However it does make a nice balm!
This is not super messy, as long as the wax is still a bit warm, it wipes off easy with a paper towel.
This is a ton of fun, if you have little girls…. do this!
The coconut oil gets firm when its cold, so they may be harder to use depending on temp.
Olive Oil can go bad, you can use Jojoba, Almond or any other liquid oil in its place.
You do not have to follow this recipe to the letter, you can change and add anything you prefer.

Also Check out my Dupe for Lush’s Popcorn Lipscrub. (Click here to be taken to that post!)

43 thoughts on “DIY: Crayon Lipstick

  1. Yes my first idea was the “You’re putting crayons on your lips!!?? O_o” This is totally awesome! I’ll keep that in mind for sure! Great job sweetie, you got some cool colors!

  2. Reblogged this on amriaa and commented:
    CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS WOMAN??? Look at all the pretty coloured lipsticks she made out of CRAYONS. This is the best DIY I’ve seen since I started blogging, or at least most useful to me 😀

  3. Wow! I’ve done this before but it didn’t work out! However your method seems right so I’ll try it out because it looks amazing! Favourited the page 😉 xx

  4. Wow! This worked really well for you! I also made a lot of these a while ago, and they are so much fun to mix and match and create all-new colors! You made some gorgeous colors! 😀

  5. This seems great for my cosplays…! Instead of having to buy entire tubes of weirdly coloured lipstick I’d never use except a few hours on the weekends, I can make my own?! I love this!

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